Research Programme for con-slot profile wire screens

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con-slot is the only profile wire screen manufacturer worldwide having performed an intensive mass research programme in order to determine flow characteristics (hydraulics) of the screen structure.

1973 and 1974, before con-slot started to serve the markets, a mass research programme was started at the “Institute for Radiohydrometry” of the Technical University of Munich – Germany. The leader of this research programme was Dipl. Ing. Dietmar Klotz, who had developed a very modern system of determination of the permeability of any permeable media produced by nature or the industry.

The research work performed by Dietmar Klotz included already at the time when contacted by con-slot the determination of sands and gravel, mesh wire, etc. Therefore our request to determine the flow characteristics of the profile wire screen structure was very welcomed.

We decided to determine the flow parameters, laminar – transistant – turbulent, in relation to the many different combinations of screen structures by the profiles being used in this structure.

Therefore, the results of the research work cannot be transferred to any other screen structure because of the different profiles being used in the screens.

The research work allows con-slot to determine:

Based on the mass research con-slot is able to establish many new applications and technologies, which none of the con-slot competitor can. This allows con-slot to assist customers in the design of profile wire screen applications, in order to optimize operational performance.

This is not only effective for the process screens in the many fields of catalytic, ion exchange and other processes, but also for the application of upstream well completions for Crude Oil and Natural Gas production by introducing new technologies including stimulations to improve the productivity of such installations.

The Rogaland Research Institute in Stavanger – Norway followed the mass research work at the TU Munich and performed its own testing on the con-slot screens in order to prove the findings of the research work at the TU Munich. This was confirmed by the publications at the

In the meantime, the tests performed at the TU Munich were confirmed by many further tests Institutes, such as:

The formulas and equations developed together with the “Institute for Radiohydrometry” of the TU Munich form the part of the know-how of con-slot and are not available to third parties.

Further projects of testing the advantages of the con-slot technology will be performed:

A test well for crude production in the NorthWestern Field in Kuwait, to be performed under the umbrella of the Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research (KISR), coordinator Dr. Oskui.

Another test well for crude production in California US, to test the con-slot stimulation methods for increasing productivity, coordinator Richard Trosclair, is under negotiation.

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