Process Engineering

Our expertise and experience as problem-solvers and sub-suppliers for companies manufacturing engineering is to your advantage in solving complex tasks already in the stage of design and engineering for which we offer our assistance.

Fields of application in which screens and sieves of con-slot have been used successfully are shown on the survey below. We would be delighted if your new order could be added to this survey, therefore we await your inquiry with great interest.


  • Production of Fuels and Lubricants
  • Desulfuration
  • Natural Gas Drying

Chemical and Petrochemical Processing

  • Paint and Lacquer Preparation
  • Chemical Preparation
  • Plastic Preparation

Mining Industry

  • Coal Classification/Dewatering
  • Potash Classification/Dewatering
  • Phosphate
  • Classification/Dewatering

Transport and Distribution of Gaseous and Liquid Media

  • Compressor Plants
  • Protection of fittings

Food Industry

  • Liquid/Gas Extraction
  • Fluidized Bed Installations
  • Absorbing Processes
  • Adsorbing Processes
  • Sorting and Drying

Paper Industry

  • Paper coating
  • Dewatering

Water Treatment

  • Drinking Water Treatment
  • Industry Water Treatment
  • Ion Exchange Procedure
  • Sea-water Desalination
  • Irrigation

Waste Water Treatment

  • Rural/Domestic Sewage Treatment
  • Industrial Sewage Treatment
  • Sludge Drainage and Thickening
  • Sewer Cleaning

con-slot screens and con-slot sieves are specifically used where process requirements call for a safe and economic solution of separation technique.


High flow efficiency combined with excellent resistance against collapse and /or burst pressure, or combined with a large support capacity – such flexibility allows optimal solutions for engineering, design, and manufacturing with con-slot products.
Scientific mass investigations with con-slot screens and con-slot sieves allow us a precise definition of all properties needed for the operational requirements, both hydraulic as well as mechanical.
We are your partner for optimal design of the constructions of our con-slot Products, to guarantee a safe and economical vehicle for process, service, and operation.

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Since we work exclusively on the concept of profile wire screens these are elaborated upon by using up-to-date and modern manufacturing methods, such as resistance welding method developed by us only for us. The screen structure is a combination of surface profiles and supporting profiles, fusion welded under water at each crossing. Carefully selected parameter guarantee that the material structure of the screen welded members remain unchanged.

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Fusion welding and the correct selection of profile combination prevent stress cracks or even detaching of surface profiles from their supports.

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Also welding procedures used in the process of fitting the screens with armatures, frames, flanges, rings, etc., necessary for easy installation, are carefully chosen with the same attention which we ourselves claim for our products. Only the most modern welding- and cutting procedures according to DIN 1910 like TIG, MIG, Plasma and Laser are employed for the manufacturing of con-slot Products.

The continuity of the con-slot quality level is assured by skilled employees, certified and controlled by the German TÜV, and also by our company’s internal and independent quality control.


High flow rates combined with high screen surface loadings in high collapse pressures or surface stresses, as well as high burst pressure and high bending stresses, have required a variety of profiles being selected by scientific research such as flow pattern and loading tests. The correct selection and specific combination of profiles in a con-slot Screen structure are the secret of the economical efficiency of our products


Exclusively stainless steel materials are used in our products, the evident criteria for it being the excellent corrosion resistance properties, whereby we always comply with the regulations of the norm NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers). However, corrosion resistance is only guaranteed if all important parameters are considered. For instance operational temperatures are quite often a neglected perilous factor in the determination of the corrosion resistance and also for the structural strength. Therefore a careful analysis of all operational conditions is recommendable. In this regard we offer our experience and assistance for the evaluation.

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Whether you ask for slot direction radial outside or inside, whether you ask for slot direction axial outside or inside, depending on the application and flow direction, we shall manufacture the corresponding structure.

Smallest slot we are capable to manufacture is 0,0025 00 (0.001 in.). Largest slot is 20,000 mm (0,800 in.). The smallest possible slot, however, depends on the type of screen structure chosen. In order to find the best solution for your requirements: please contact us!

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The diameter range we offer follows in general the ISO Pipe Standards. Yet the con-slot Manufacturing program allows also dimensions according to the customer’s needs. A large variety of tools is available, however, to find the most economic solution we recommend to contact us already in the stage of planning. Any variables from the pipe shape like cones, sieve bends, plates, cages, etc. will be designed and manufactured according to your requirements.

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